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How Our Buy Process Works

We buy everything locally from customers just like you! Selling us your gently used children's apparel, toys, and equipment is a great way to keep items in circulation and is the environmentally responsible thing to do. Not only will you be helping reduce waste and over-consumption, you'll also make room in your home for new items that your little one will certainly need in the future and you'll be able to make some extra cash on the side! In this section, you'll discover how easy the process is and how you can start making extra money selling items at Little Monsters Children's Resale Shop! We've also provided a helpful section with a number of frequently asked questions about our buy process and related topics.

1) Bring in any new or gently used items that your children have recently outgrown!

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Come with your children's freshly laundered apparel and accessories, toys, books, movies, furniture and equipment to Little Monsters Children's Resale Shop. Be sure to bring items in on specified buy days and during regular buying hours.

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2) Shop and discover amazing deals while we appraise your items and make you an offer!

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Based on store needs, seasonal demand, and item condition, we'll select the items we're interested in purchasing. Little Monsters Children's Resale Shop uses specialized software to determine item value and our final buy offer.

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3) Accept the purchase offer for your buy and get cash or store credit for the items we keep!

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Once you've receive an offer for the items we’ve expressed interest in purchasing, Little Monsters Children's Resale Shop will offer you either cash, check, or store credit. Keep the remaining items or consider donating them to charity.

watch Frequently Asked Questions


How Long Does The Process Take?

We'll always give you an estimated buy time based on how many items you bring in, how busy the store is, and how many buys are in front of you. Normally the buy time ranges from 60-90 minutes, but when the store is busy or buyers are working on multiple purchases, the process can take longer. In rare cases, it may take a day or so for us to complete your buy and respond with an offer. For the most accurate time estimation, we suggest you call ahead. Our phone number is (775) 461-3838.


When Do You Accept Potential Buys?

Our store is currently accepting buys on Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday ONLY! Please make sure to bring your buy in between the hours of 10:00 A.M. and 5:00 P.M. While our store is open until 6:00 P.M. daily, buys are not conducted after 5:00 PM in order to allow us proper time to complete our current buy schedule and handle closing duties.
Normally, buys will not be accepted on days other than those specified, however, in certain special circumstances, exceptions will be made. Please call ahead before attempting to bring a buy in on days other than those specified, or if you will arrive during irregular buy hours. If you fail to do so, you will be asked to return on normal buy days and/or during normal buy hours.
Buy days and hours are subject to change at our discretion without notice. At certain times, we may put a temporary hold on buys of certain items depending on our current stock and store needs. The best way to get up-to-date buy information is to simply give us a call at (775) 461-3838. 

We appreciate your understanding and thank you for your cooperation in regards to this policy. If you have further questions about the baby and children's items we're looking for, please visit our WHAT WE BUY page for a detailed list of brand names and information.


How Is Buy Value Determined?

Our pricing software determines what we should offer for specific items. It proposes an amount that will benefit the family selling to us, by giving as much compensation for the items as possible, while maintaining a price point that allows other families to get the financial break they need on the quality items we provide. Depending on item condition, store needs and seasonal demand, some items may be deemed more or less valuable than if dates or circumstances were different.

There is never any obligation associated with our offers and you are free to accept or reject them at your discretion. We strive to keep our store's concept a win-win for all parties involved in the process and thank you for your understanding and continued patronage.


Why Are Quality Items Sometimes Turned Away?

Even an item of high value or exceptional quality may be turned away when the store is over-stocked in that specific merchandise category, when the item is not in high demand within the store’s customer base, or when certain items are brought in out of season.

For the most accurate and up-to-date information, or if you have any other questions, please feel free to give us a call at (775) 461-3838. 


What Happens To My Items If I Choose To Donate Them?

Our store will arrange for distribution to one of the many charities in our community, and in certain circumstances, we will donate items directly to needy children and families in the Carson City/Minden/Gardnerville region. If you would like to make a specific donation of items and would like assistance in selecting a charity or a local family in need, please call us or come in to our store so we can discuss details and current options.
We appreciate your donations and your continued dedication to help improve and support our local community. Your donated items will always benefit a local non-profit charity or will be given directly to a needy family in our community and will never be kept or sold by our store. In most cases, our store will not be able to provide you with a donation receipt. If you need one for your records, we recommend bringing the donation directly into a local charity who can provide you with one.


Do You Offer Cash for All Items?

We offer on-the-spot cash payouts for all non-clothing buys including toys, books, equipment and accessories totaling $30.00 and under. For buys with a cash value over $30.00, our store will issue you a check through the mail. You may choose to take some or all of this amount as store credit in lieu of cash. We offer store credit ONLY for all clothing items (including shoes, hats, and other wearable accessories).


How Can I Get The Most Money For My Items?

There are several ways to increase your earning potential when bringing in a buy. Some simple but helpful tips include: APPAREL: Ensure clothing is free of stains, holes, rips/tears, and is freshly laundered, wrinkle-free, and nicely folded. Pair outfits together and include all matching pieces and accessories in the same box. In most cases, incomplete outfits will be turned away.
strategia opzioni binarie stocastico TOYS, MOVIES, and BOOKS: Ensure all toys, movies and books are clean and in good overall condition. Toys should have all parts and accessories. Electronic toys should include batteries (when possible) so we can test the item in the store. Books cannot be missing pages. Movies must not be damaged or scratched. In most cases, items with visible damage, or those missing too many parts will be turned away.
FURNITURE & EQUIPMENT: Clean and scrub your equipment before you bring it in to the store. While we will sometimes accept items that have not been cleaned, you will get a much larger offer for items that have been completely cleaned and are ready to be placed on the sales floor. Bring any boxes, instruction manuals, and all parts and accessories with you.

Check to see if any safety issues or recalls have been announced by the item's manufacturer. You can perform a product recall search by using the link provided on our SAFETY page.
All items should be nicely folded and organized in a box, bin, or basket that can be easily identified and labeled in store. In most cases, incomplete and/or dirty equipment will be turned away.


Is There A Limit To The Number Of Items I Can Sell Or Bring In?

Currently, our store does not have or impose a set maximum on the number of items you can bring in, however we ask that all items be properly laundered, folded, polished and packaged when you bring them into the store. We only have so much space to store items at our location so if you have an excessive number of items or a few large pieces of equipment, it may be best to bring the buy in smaller portions. Please understand that if you have a large number of items in your buy, it will take an increased amount of time to complete the appraisal. In this situation, we also suggest you call us beforehand to see if your items are currently in need, in season, and that aren't any safety recalls that would prevent us from purchasing them.


How Will Safety Recalls Affect My Buy?

Your child's safety and the safety of other children who may use the goods purchased in our store is of the utmost importance to us. We carefully screen all products to ensure safety, consistently check for current product recalls, and avoid purchasing items that have expired or will expire in the near future. Due to the nature of car seats to expire after a short amount of time, our store only purchases new-in-box car seats and only if they pass all currently-accepted safety regulations.
We do not buy or sell recalled or expired products. The only exception to this policy is if a manufacturer-approved kit has been developed which solves any and all safety concerns and makes the product safe to use once it has been installed. In certain circumstances, we can sometimes help you obtain recall kits to make your products safe again. If you have any further questions, please give us a call at 
(775) 461-3838 or explore the information provided on our SAFETY page.


Can I Sell Items I Purchased From Little Monsters Back At A Later Date?

Most items may be sold back to us as long as they are still in great condition, meet current safety standards, and fit the store’s current buying needs. As stated previously, car seats are only purchased new-in-box from the original owner, and therefore, cannot be resold to our store.


Which Items Can My Store Credit Be Used To Purchase?

While nearly every item in our store is owned outright by Little Monsters, on occasion, we do offer local crafters the ability to showcase their original, one-of-a-kind, hand-made items for sale at our location. As these items are not our direct property and are sold on consignment, we cannot allow store credit to be used on these items. Other than that, store credit can be used on any item in our store excluding gift certificates.


Will My Store Credit Ever Expire?

Store credit will be held on file and can be used for up to two calendar years. After that point, your account is subject to a monthly maintenance fee, as allowed by law. If you are concerned about your store credit expiring, please feel free to call our store with any question you may have.


Do You Purchase Items Not Included On The "WHAT WE BUY" Section?

The Items on our "What We Buy" page includes some of the most common items we buy and those we deal with on a regular basis. If you’d like to sell an unlisted item that you think our customers will love or you personally make hand-made, one-of-a-kind items, you are welcome to bring them in so we can have a look. If your item is of a larger size or you have questions about selling items on consignment, we recommend calling the store in advance to speak with a buyer.
If you have further questions about our buy policies, please feel free to contact us.